Flourish Through Menopause

Thriving Through Menopause

Thriving Thru The Menopause

Find balance, vitality and clarity

A Mindful Approach to Menopause!

This beautiful integrative online program will enable you to see with fresh eyes, incredible possibilities when you make shifts to your mindset. By taking care of each moment you will be able to creatively respond to your menopause symptoms, calm your mind, regain your energy, and learn to love the new you.

You will create a shift in your menopause experience.

You will learn how to not only bring about instant change, but also set up a new way to approach life forever

You will explore how you can create the conditions for improved energy, less stress and more joy, integrating new habits into your day to day life IMMEDIATELY.

Importantly, the course is designed for YOU using tools and techniques that you can apply to your individual context and circumstances.

Create Lasting Change

This courses teaches you how to live well through this transformative stage of your life and beyond.

  • Improved clarity of mind. Feel able to manage on days when your mind is foggy or anxious.
  • Feel you are in control Your entire being will love you for bringing control back to you. You will feel calmer, more in control and growing beyond the difficulties of the menopause
  • Greater emotional resilience Feel better able to move through challenges,  obstacles  and difficult emotions without losing it altogether.
  • Improve your energy. Your body will love you for creating space to rest.  Learning how to to sleep well and wake regnergised. You will feel ready to commit  to the RIGHT things that are meaningful to you. 
  • Feeling connected and aligned to your purpose, Living according to your values and the things that set your heart on fire, without the guilt that goes with it. Feel more fulfilled and able to devote to the things that serve your purpose in life, having meaning and give you joy. 


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  • Welcome FREE PREVIEW
  • How to Get The Most From This Course FREE PREVIEW
  • What is Mindfulness?
  • But Can Anyone Meditate?

Module 1. BeFriending The Body


  • Introduction
  • How to Calm the Body
  • Accepting Your Menopausal Body
  • First Steps to Loving Your Body
  • Workbook / Befriending the Body
  • Mindful Sipping
  • Compassionate Body Scan
  • BONUS. Cooling Meditation for Hot Flashes
  • Summary Points

Module 2. Creating A Calm Mind


  • How to Go From Anxious to Calm
  • How Stressed Are You?Take the Stress Test
  • How to Handle Brain Fog
  • Why Breath is Your Best Friend
  • Just Slow Down
  • Workbook / Becoming Calm and Clear
  • Soothing Rhythm Breathing
  • Summary Points

Module 3. Cultivating Emotional Resilience


  • Menopause, Hormones and Emotions
  • Ways to Cope on Difficult Days
  • Dealing with Feelings
  • Summary Points
  • YES Meditation
  • Workbook/ Working with Emotions

Module 4. Letting In The Good


  • Managing Your Inner Critic
  • Reflect on You/ How Much Do You Value Yourself
  • Reflect on You - How Did You go?
  • Tips for Taking In The Good
  • Workbook/ Finding the Good
  • Take in the Good meditation
  • Summary Points

Module 5. Self-Care and Self-Compassion


  • What is True Self-Care?
  • Why You Need A Self-Care Plan
  • Yin and Yang Compassion
  • Gratitude is a Superpower
  • Workbook/Fierce Compassion
  • Loving Kindness Meditation
  • Summary

Module 6. Reclaim Your Sparkle


  • From Exhausted to Energised
  • Feel the Rhythm - Learning to Manage Your Energy
  • Take Action on Energy Zappers
  • Rebuild Your Relationship With Sleep
  • Deep Restful Sleep
  • BONUS: Breathing Space Mini Meditation
  • Summary

Module 7. Reconnect to Your Feminine Wisdom

  • Soul Talk: Are you listening?
  • Listening Deeply Meditation
  • Workbook/Sharing & Listening

Module 8. Creating Your Heartfelt Purpose


  • Living with Intention
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Workbook/Fearless Flourishing



  • Brilliant You!

About Your Instructor

Clarissa Kristjansson

Clarissa Kristjansson

Mindfulness Coach

Clarissa is an accredited Mindfulness coach, speaker, and author of the best selling book The Mindful Menopause, The Secret to Balance, Vitality, and Clarity Through The Change.

In her practice, she skillfully guides women to deepen their connection to body, heart, and soul. Clarissa teaches busy women to find calm, ease, clarity, confidence and contentment. She has been a dedicated practitioner of meditation for over 20 years and she holds mindfulness as central to living a life of intention and purpose. 

People across the world choose to work with Clarissa virtually or in person when they are at a crossroads and are desiring to be more fully present and engaged in life. Clarissa assists her clients so that they can move where they are stuck. In this way, people come home to themselves and flourish.

Clarissa uses a variety of techniques including mindfulness, deep body sensing, ACT and self-inquiry. She works with both individuals and facilitates groups teaching new ways of listening to the body, quieting the mind and opening to the heart. 


What You Will Learn How To:

Manage Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Improve Your Welbeing and Resilience

Focus on Positive Behaviours to Feel Good About Yourself

Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

Become Your Own Best Friend

Live Aligned to Your Purpose


Practical and totally relevant for any woman going through the menopause
Cathy Wilson
I was struggling and this course taught me to let whatever happens be rather than avoiding or rejecting things
Margaret Crane
If you're struggling with the menopause this course offers much needed support
Nita Patel


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